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Handgun safety through education and training

Program’s Purpose:

The Youth Action Pistol League, or YAPL for short, was created to promote safe gun-handling and shooting skills to youth between 12 and 18 years of age. Physically handling handguns in a safe manner is only part of the equation; a keen sense of responsibility is equally important. YAPL coaches and staff will work to instill a strong code of ethics in addition to teaching our kids how to shoot safely and efficiently.

Program Goals:

  • Promote safe gun-handling and shooting skills;
  • Help youth develop a sense of responsibility, a code of ethics, regarding firearm ownership and usage;
  • Provide a fun and exciting atmosphere in which to achieve these goals.

Organizational Structure:

Teams for Initial Basic Instruction

YAPL could be described as “little league comes to the shooting sports.” The coach/team concept is used to educate, train and mentor our kids so they can learn how to safely and efficiently use handguns. Unlike little league, our kids are not required to attend every practice session or risk being dropped from the team. We realize many of our kids have other commitments and we work with them to the maximum extent possible. That said, every participant must maintain safe gun-handling skills in order to participate in more advanced training and monthly matches. While we will make every effort to work with a kid’s schedule, YAPL is not a program for someone who can attend only on an occasional basis.

Coaches, Assist. Coaches & Staff

YAPL coaches are all experienced pistol shooters who are competitive shooters. Assistant coaches are also experienced pistol shooters who may or may not have competitive shooting experience. Coaches and their Assistants work hard to help your son or daughter develop their skills and have a great time doing so. Staff focuses on the logistics of practice sessions and matches by making sure all equipment, targets and other necessary supplies are available to all of our teams. Parents are encouraged to participate by serving as staff, but this is not a requirement for kids to be YAPL team members.

Training, practice and matches

Semi-Monthly Optional Practices

There will be two monthly practice session that kids are encouraged to attend, but 100% attendance is not required.   Kids will be required to maintain sufficient gun-handling and proficiency standards as to be able to train and compete safely. Their individual skill level will determine how many Weekly Team Practices they must attend in order to remain in the program.  Between April and October, these Optional Practice Days (OPDs) are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of ech month from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.  OPDs will be scheduled periodically on Saturdays or Sundays from November through March.

YAPL Matches

Four YAPL matches are held annually on  the fifth Saturday of a month at the PSC Shooting Club These matches are not mandatory for YAPL Members, but they are strongly encouraged. These IMG 4412matches are for YAPL kids only. This is to ensure that all match participants have the requisite gun-handling skills to participate safely.