Limited Membership

Membership in the PSC Shooting Club, Inc. is limited based upon the capacity of Club facilities. The membership cap is set at a level that will allow Members reasonable access to all ranges so they can enjoy their Club without undue delays. It is extremely rare that a Member cannot find an open range on which to shoot, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

The PSC membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th each year. By August, the number of Members who did not renew is known and that number of slots are made available to people wanting to join the Club. Candidates for membership are identified by recommendations from current Members who have been in the Club for more than the preceding three years.  These recommendations are reviewed by the Membership Committee and invitation emails are sent to a number of people equal to the number of membership slots available.


To join PSC you must complete the New Member process that consists of a video, a written exam and attending a live tour of the Club during which you will pick up your Member Badge.  (The exam software automatically sends an email to the PSC Membership Director when someone passes or fails the exam.)  The tour procedure is explained in detail in the invitation email.

The normal full year dues is $250.00, including tax.  Our membership year is July 1st to June 30th, and dues are prorated during the year.  In the event any new members are admitted between January 1st and June 30th any year, new members will pay a prorated dues amount for the remainder of the current PSC Membership Year, plus the next Membership Year.  This is to avoid a new member joining only to be receiving a renewal notice shortly thereafter.  There is a initiation fee of $220.00 when you join (or rejoin after allowing your membership to lapse), and there is tax on the total.  All of this is payable at the time you register to become a member, after having received an invitation email.

Basic Membership

The basic PSC membership is a family membership. You may bring family members to the range with you any time. For Club purposes, family members are your spouse and children who live in the home with you up to 21 years of age or 23 if a full time student.

You may also bring up to 2 guests at any time.

The general rule is that family members and guests must be physically in your presence to be able to shoot or handle firearms, but this rule does not apply to Associate Members.  Associate Cards are available only for the spouse of the PSC Member and they must follow all new member procedures before getting their card.   The Associate Card holder may be on a separate range from you and, may be at the club when the full Member is not at the range.   Please note that Associate Card holders do not have the privilege of bringing guests to the club, though they can bring other family members.   An Associate Card is $ 20.00 per year plus tax, and that is not pro-rated during the year for the initial card.

100% NRA Club

PSC Shooting Club is a 100% NRA club, meaning every Member and Associate Member must be a member of the NRA. Family members, other than Associate Members, do NOT need to be NRA members, but we would certainly encourage them to be. If you are not currently an NRA member you can CLICK HERE to join.  (Note, as of the 2016-2017 renewal, Associate Members must also be NRA members.)   The NRA Membership requirement is mandatory and will not be waived under any circumstances.

If you have any membership questions, you can email the PSC Membership Director at:  membership [at] PSCshootingClub [dot] com.