Submit Member Letters for Publication.

It was briefly mentioned in the article discussing the new Club website that Members now have the ability to submit member letters for publication on the website. Let’s go into a little more detail about this new feature.

Everyone has seen “letters to the editor” sections of newspapers, whether in the print version or the Internet version. This is very similar to the goal for the Club’s new “Member Letters” Section of the website. However, unlike newspapers, member letters need to be focused on the Club and Club activities. It is not an editorial section to discuss political or social issues. It is also not a complaint department. It must also be remembered that the Club’s website, like the Club’s operation in general, is intended to be family-friendly. Letters should not contain anything that would be inappropriate for the youngest of our junior shooters who will read those letters.

A form has been created that will make it easy for you to submit a letter for publication. Obviously, every submission will be read to make sure it does not violate either the spirit or the letter of Club rules and that it comports with our family-oriented Club. Unlike some newspapers, we will not edit anyone’s writings, other than for typos and clerical errors. If a proposed article is not appropriate for publication on the Club’s website, it simply will not be published.

Photographs will have to meet certain requirements such as the file size and presentation size, and efforts are being made to do this automatically. If that is not possible at the present time, then photographs will have to be appropriately sized by Members submitting articles for publication. There are several free software programs available for both PC and Mac computers.

The new “Member Letters” section of the website is a great opportunity for Members to share their thoughts and experiences. Current technology means that everyone has a camera and a video recorder in their pocket (your cell phone). So take a quick video and a few still shots and send us an article about your trip to the Club.