steel challenge

What is the Steel Challenge?

Are you looking for an easy match to get started in pistol competition? We have started a new monthly Steel Challenge pistol Match every 2nd Sunday. This match is an all steel competition where the competitor shoots at five steel targets. The order you engage the targets is up to you but one target is designated the stop plate and must be shot last. We shoot 6 different stages with 5 steel targets on each stage. You shoot each stage 5 times and throw out your worst time. Your score is a total of all stages. The stages are easy enough for the first time shoot and still challenging for the more experienced shooter. Come out and test your skills or compete with a friend. The match is open to PSC members and non-members.  Math quiz:  6 stages X 5 tries X 5 rounds per = 150 rounds.  That's if you never miss.

Classes and Divisions

We have a division for just about any gun. You can shoot your stock Glock or if you want to save money bring a .22.You can use iron sights or optics. No lasers at this time. If you have a revolver we have a division for this also.
What Equipment Do I Need
Of course you will need eye and ear protection but you will also need a holster for centerfire pistols. If you use a .22 pistol no holster is required. There is no reloading so no magazine pouches are required. You need at least one magazine but five magazines will make the match easier. We recommend bringing at least 250 rounds of ammunition to the match, you can always take the extra home.