2024-2025 PSC Renewal Season Has Begun – Procedure:

Click on Renewal Form and fill it out completely.  NOTE:  This is for current members only.  Any non-member trying to use this form to "sneak" into the Club will be permanently barred from membership.  People wanting to join the Club must follow the proper procedure to join.

When you click the “Submit” button on the Member Renewal Form, you will be redirected to the Club’s PayPal website to pay your Club dues.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay your dues.  You can pay by credit card; PayPal is simply the company the Club uses to process credit card payments.  (Don’t bother sending an email claiming PayPal is anti-gun; that’s a false Internet rumor.)  Your renewal is not complete until your dues are paid.  In prior years, some Members had a problem with this part of the process, because they had their computer security set to prevent redirecting to a different website.  Be sure to turn this feature off, or set it to ask you if you want to be redirected to another website, before beginning the registration process. 


If you have received and email confirming that Club records indicate that you are an NRA Life Member, or an annual member whose membership expires after June 30th of next year, then you can ignore this section of the instructions.

As everyone is aware, PSC Shooting Club, Inc. is a 100% NRA Club.  Associate Members must also be NRA Members.  Your NRA membership must run through the end of the upcoming PSC membership year, meaning that it must expire after June 30th next year.  If you are an NRA Life Member and have previously uploaded proof, then you do not have to take any action.  If you are an annual Member, or an Easy-Pay Life Member, then you need to check your NRA expiration date in the Club records by going to www.PSCmembers.com and logging in with your information.  If your NRA membership expires prior to June 30th next year, then you must upload proof that you have extended your membership beyond that date.  (Do not email NRA proof; it must be scanned and uploaded to PSCmembers.com so it will be on the system.)

Proof of Membership can be a copy of your NRA card showing the expiration date, a copy of the mailing label from your NRA magazine, an official email from the NRA acknowledging the extension of your membership and showing the new expiration date, or a screen print from your member page on the NRA website.  https://www.nramemberservices.org/  Every year, we have one or two Members try to fool us by uploading one of the promotional imitation NRA Member cards that are sent as a recruiting tool to get people to join the NRA or renew their membership.  These people are no longer PSC Members.

Barring unsuspected complications (real world issues like work, illness, etc.) the www.PSCmembers.com website is updated every Monday evening during the renewal season.  If you renew between Tuesday and the following Monday evening, your status on www.PSCmembers.com will not be correct.  (Remember, the renewal process is not complete until: 1) the renewal form has been submitted; 2) Club dues have been paid; and 3) your NRA membership status is shown on Club records to extend past June 30th of next year.)  Please do not call or email our Membership Director to check your status; wait until the following Tuesday morning to check the website.

Please renew your Club membership early to avoid a delay in getting your new Member Badge for the 2024-2025 membership year.  The first batch of Member Badges will be mailed on June 1st or shortly thereafter.  If you have not renewed by May 15th, you will not be in this first batch, due to time constraints with our printer.  Renewing early also gives you time to clear up any problems or issues, should they arise.  If you renew after June 1st, you will not get your new Member Badge before July 1st and you will not be able to enter the property until your new badge arrives.

Jim Pierce,
PSC Membership Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.